The giant panda population gradually restored

08 2018 24 July 08:51 source: Science Daily
Original title: the giant panda population gradually restored

In August 23rd, the audience in the first China Panda International Cultural Week "visit the camera.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Xing Guangli photo

"In our country through the implementation of key ecological projects, the giant panda habitat conditions improved, wild population gradually restored. By strengthening the wildlife protection law construction, continue to carry out artificial Panda Breeding and reintroduction activities, set up a Biology Laboratory of rare animal protection, and has hundreds of patents and major scientific and technological achievements, significantly enhance the level of the giant panda protection research." In 23, the first international China panda culture week opening ceremony, deputy director of the State Forestry and grassland Bureau Li Chunliang said.

It is reported that the 8 month 23 days, 26 days, the China Millennium Monument in Beijing held the first Chinese Panda International Cultural Week, "panda culture, sharing the world" as the theme, exhibitions, books, film screenings and other activities will share. (reporter Ma Aiping)

(commissioning editor: Jiang Hongyu (Intern), Xiong Xu)

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