The main project of Russia's first cross-border River Bridge section of China completed

In October 15, 2018 08:41 sources: - People's Daily Overseas Edition

In October 13th, Russia River Railway Bridge - following Jennings wide "-- an important part of the bridge crane girder installation China last place, marking the main project of Tongjiang China section of the Sino Russian railway bridge completed.

Tongjiang Russian railway bridge was founded in February 26, 2014, is Russia's first cross river railway bridge, the design of railway over cargo capacity of 21 million tons. The bridge is 7193.71 meters, which cross river bridge a total length of 2215.02 meters, 1886.45 meters within the territory of China, the Russian territory of 328.57 meters. The bridge was opened to traffic, will make the domestic railway and the Russian Far East to Siberia railway is increasing a European Itar international channels, to strengthen the Sino Russian economic and trade exchanges, promote the "The Belt and Road construction, power play an important role in the revitalization of the northeast New era. (reporter Ke Zhongjia / photo)

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