China Aerospace Science and Technology Group signed nearly 5 billion yuan purchase orders

11 month 2018 years 06 days from 21:55: Beijing (Zhao Zhuqing) 6 November, November 6th, in the first Chinese International Import Expo, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., 10 companies and 13 companies from 11 countries and regions worldwide concentrated signed the purchase contract or agreement of 16 projects of nearly 5 billion yuan, covering cooperation in many areas of aviation logistics, new materials, new energy, advanced sensor, special equipment etc..

Into the Expo, aerospace science and Technology Group owned enterprises will also be signed with the United States, from Germany, Czech, Japan, Switzerland and other countries and regions of the enterprises, is expected to total contracted 20 enterprises procurement project 24, the amount of about 6 billion yuan.

A contract signing ceremony held at noon on the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co. Ltd. is the first centralized signing trading activities of central enterprises group. In the field of Aerospace Science and Technology Group signed a contract, the 3 cargo airlines outside many space cooperation "crossover" single - the aerospace science and technology import and export limited liability company with Russia and the United States signed a total value of more than 2 billion 600 million yuan of the purchase contract, is one of the most concern of the project. According to the agreement, aerospace science and technology import and export limited liability company will lease Tianmen Russian cargo airline ("Air Company" SKY GATES Airlines "LLC) of the two aircraft, the subsequent opening of two routes: one is from Zhengzhou airport to Holland airport or Maastricht Aachen Airport Hahn Germany route; one is from Hongkong Airport to the Hahn airport or Germany Holland Airlines Maastricht Aachen Airport. According to the air cargo market, weekly hold fly 4-6 class, to create "The Belt and Road along the country's air transport corridor.

In addition, the focus on signing the project also includes Aerospace Science and technology group Shanghai fei'ao Gas Equipment Co Ltd and Pietro Fiorentini S.p.A of Italy enterprises procurement of gas regulator and other products signed 1 billion 200 million yuan purchase intent; space ELANE Technology Development Co. Ltd and France MC2 company signed a purchase agreement of 380 million yuan of terahertz receiver.

This "signed a series of cooperation agreements, on behalf of the aerospace science and technology group is willing to equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, resource sharing and common development principles with global partners, also means that the aerospace science and technology group and other enterprises as the representative of the global supply chain, contact more closely, to deepen cooperation." The general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Limited Yuan Jie said at the signing ceremony.

Aerospace Science and technology group is with independent intellectual property rights and famous brands in China strategic high technology field, large state-owned high-tech enterprise innovation ability, strong core competitiveness, one of the world's top 500 enterprises. Over the years, aerospace science and Technology Group adhere to the development of civil military integration strategy, committed to the development of satellite application, information technology, new energy and new materials, special technology, space biotechnology and space technology application industry, vigorously develop the space services, while continuing to increase international market development efforts to promote international cooperation and exchanges, and promote the rapid development of internationalization. Business as of September 2018, has more than 20 countries and regions with 47 international commercial launch and 17 satellite launching services in satellite applications and other fields with many countries successfully carried out various forms of cooperation. At present, aerospace science and technology group is moving to build a world-class aerospace enterprise, promote the realization of the goal of Aerospace Power construction.

(commissioning editor Yue Hongbin and Cao Kun)

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