Civil Aviation University of China with a China civil airport strategic cooperation to help the construction of civil power in New Era

In November 2018 07, 09:51 source: - channel technology November 7 Zhuhai Xinhua (reporter Xiong Xu) yesterday, Civil Aviation University of China and Chinese civil airport signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Zhuhai airshow in the Aerospace Museum of civil aviation hall. Civil Aviation University of China Party committee secretary Jing Yihong, President Dong Jiankang, China Civil Airports Association chairman Wang Ruiping, Secretary General of the association, the association of Li Xiaomei minister Huang Weihong attended.

According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly focus on "civil aviation 12334" in the new era the general idea, the spirit of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit" principle, deepen bilateral partnership, give full play to the talent and technology advantages of resources and Industry Association of colleges and universities. The two sides will jointly build a learning platform wide, comprehensively promote the academic research, industry group standard construction, skills training, research and other work.

Dong Jiankang said, Civil Aviation University of China will be the signing of the agreement for a new beginning, focusing on key areas, promote cooperation, to ensure the effectiveness of cooperation to upgrade projects, the construction and development of better service in the China of civil aviation. And the airport association in cooperation with the Civil Aviation University of China to express our heartfelt wishes.

It is understood that the Chinese Civil Airports Association in skills and professional training, academic exchanges, enhance the position of civil airport group standard construction, civil military fusion major research and development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development with Civil Aviation University of China to carry out comprehensive in-depth cooperation, expand the civil airport and other related areas of cooperation projects, work together to build and perfect the civil airport the knowledge system, jointly boost the new era of civil power construction.

(commissioning editor: Song Xiaoxuan (Intern), Yuan Bo)

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