China Satcom three black technology unveiled at the Zhuhai air show

In November 2018 07, from 12:50: Beijing (Zhao Zhuqing) 7, 11 month 11 month 6 days, the twelve session of Chinese international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (Zhuhai airshow) officially opened, aerospace science and technology group belongs to Chinese Satcom carrying machine on the Internet, outdoor black technology, the global satellite communications net plate participating projects, showcase new scene satellite service ability satellite and Internet applications.

The cabin model showed "machine on the Internet" area, exhibited the unique advantages of China's first Ka band high throughput satellite, ChinaSat 16 areas have the machine in the internet. It is understood that the high throughput satellite network, network access capabilities of each aircraft can reach more than 100Mbps, the passengers will be equal to the ground mobile 4G network Internet experience. The mature application of seamless handover technology of multi beam, with automatic tracking technology of airborne satellite terminal machine, Internet realizes seamless two-way access.

Portable outdoor antenna outdoor adventure area show, the average weight of only six or seven kg, less than 3 minutes will be able to complete the entire assembly process, through the Ka satellite broadband network access through Chinese Wei, combined with hot WIFI equipment can quickly build a small range of Internet access points, download speeds of up to 150Mbps, with the opening with the use. Not only for outdoor adventure farther, and this device can also be used in emergency, live broadcast and other scenes.

This exhibition also showcases China's first private resources mainly consists of Beijing, Hongkong, Kashi, Sri Lanka, Europe, North America and other overseas gateway, the self-control of the "one world" global satellite broadband communication network, covering more than 90% of the global route network has exceeded 4500 ships in ships. The global network can provide streaming radio and satellite video surveillance, satellite cloud video conferencing and Internet access applications, "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions,

Shipping network construction as well as China's "going out" strategy to provide reliable communications infrastructure and perfect support.

In the twelfth session of the exhibition opening of major projects China airshow held on the day of the signing ceremony, China Satcom signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China aviation group, the two sides plan to carry out in-depth cooperation in satellite airborne broadband communication services and air passenger service industry, to build a satellite airborne broadband communication platform of global coverage, safety and reliability, wide applications.

(commissioning editor Feng Li and Yuan Bo)

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