The world Internet Conference released the blue book

The results show new prospects for the new trend

Newspaper reporter Wei Zhezhe Cao Yiqing

In November 2018 09, 04:43 source: People's daily

8, written by Chinese network space research institute "World Development Report" and "Internet 2018 China Internet development report 2018" blue book released in the fifth World Conference on the internet. This is one of the important theoretical achievements of the general assembly, on display is the Internet the latest academic research results.

Blue book from the 8 aspects of information infrastructure, network information technology, the digital economy, open government data, Internet media, network security, Internet law construction, international cyberspace governance, comprehensive display of the latest progress in the field of the Internet at home and abroad in 2018, outstanding achievements and development trends.

Among them, the "2018" based on the development of the Internet's most cutting-edge Internet world development report, this year focus on the global Internet domain of new technologies, new applications, new development, outline the beautiful vision of the future development of the global Internet. "China Internet development report 2018" focuses on the development of new achievements in 2018 the development of China's Internet governance, with vivid practice and vivid case, proposed the development of the digital economy, to build a network of community of destiny Chinese scheme.

To further enhance the accuracy of the index system of Internet development index

"Last year we first set up and released the world development index and the index system of Internet China Internet development index system, comprehensive index at home and abroad to fill gaps in the development of the internet. The two list released, causing a greater repercussions in the world." President Yang Shuzhen China cyberspace Research Institute introduced this year, the index system on the adjustment and optimization, to further enhance the authoritative, scientific and accurate index system.

Development of the Internet world index system from the infrastructure, innovation, industrial development, Internet applications, network security, network governance from 6 aspects such as the systematic evaluation of 45 countries and regions, the overall trend of the development of the Internet, the overall level, covering the main economy and in the development of the Internet in representative countries of the five continents.

The reporter learned that, in this evaluation, the major economies in North America, Europe and Asia Internet average the highest level of development, the United States, Britain, Singapore, Sweden, Chinese ranks in the top five. Latin America and sub Saharan Africa to increase development efforts in the developing countries and regions.

The index system of China Internet development index, from 6 aspects of infrastructure, innovation, digital economy, Internet application, network management and network security, to the provincial level for a comprehensive assessment of the development of the internet." Yang Shuzhen said, from the results of the poll, the top five are Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu.

Focus on artificial intelligence, big data, information protection and other hot issues

The book embodies the new trend and new development this year, especially the increase of hot issues in the field of the Internet this year, artificial intelligence, big data and information protection.

With the popularity of technology development and application, data has become an important part of the new production factor, has been widely concerned around the world. Li Yuxiao, vice president of network Chinese Space Research Institute said that the data has become an important base of national strategic resource, which requires us to make careful analysis and focus on the development of data. "Two blue book has given great attention to data security, data information, has a special chapter to discuss the contents of this area." Li Yuxiao, for example, in the world of Internet and Internet Chinese report fourth chapter the fourth chapter of the report, have elaborated on the open government data, some countries in the world and depth of practice report China provinces in the government data open, provide convenient services to implement the.

"China in the development of artificial intelligence, an early start and overall development speed, can be used to describe the rapid. Some key technology has made positive progress, a large number of research institutes and enterprises conducted in-depth research and layout of the artificial intelligence model, chip related areas such as research and development. On the other hand, in the field of application, development of our country and the world is synchronous, quickly landing artificial intelligence technology, has spawned a lot of innovation, business intelligence applications." In view of the present situation, the development of artificial intelligence in China Li Yuxiao response, network security technology and artificial intelligence has also been widely concerned and huge investment, network security to provide better and more timely protection.

The Internet for the first time the construction of the rule of law into separate chapters

Compared with last year, a notable feature is the increase of the construction of the rule of law blue book chapters.

The central network information office deputy director Liu Shaowen said the Bureau of policies and regulations, the rule of law of the Internet into separate chapters based on two considerations:

One is the network space is not outside the law, has become a broad consensus, means the rule of law has become an important aspect of cyberspace governance. With the integration of network and social life of the depth, the legal relationship of some traditional extended to the network space, but also some new legal relationship in cyberspace. These relying on technical means to adjust is not enough, need to regulate by law, thus forming a system of governance, maintaining the order of cyberspace.

The two is a remarkable performance in the Internet to promote the rule of law construction in 2018 of the world. From a global perspective, many countries have introduced laws and regulations on the protection of critical information infrastructure, digital trade etc.. At the same time, countries in the legal system and the strategic framework and constantly improve the system of top-level Internet domain, and actively explore the formation of international rules in the data flow, market access, digital divide etc..

"In our case, 2018 years of network space continued to accelerate the legislative process, the law of electronic commerce, planning legislation of personal information protection law and security law has been included in the thirteen session of the Standing Committee of the npc. But in network security method, introduced a series of relevant regulations and normative documents, including the basic standard. A by laws, administrative rules and regulations, normative documents and technical standards constitute the network space system is gradually forming rules." Liu Shaowen introduction.

At the same time, the Internet in the field of judicial activities and continuous innovation, and actively promote the construction of the wisdom of the people's court court. After the Hangzhou court and the Internet, have been in Beijing, Guangzhou set up internet court, centralized trial cases involving network, network cases online office.

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 13 Edition)
(Cao Kun Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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