Who is the cause of the plane crash?


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Original title: who is responsible for the plane crash?

The plane is recognized as the world's most secure transport authority, but occasionally happen all over the world, the crash crash always shake this conclusion. In November 4th, Canada two aircraft collided in the air, again causing casualties. The history of all over the world happened aircraft collided catastrophic events such as 1956, which killed 128 people in the Grand Canyon air crash in 1986, killing 79 people in Mexico flights and a Piper plane crash.

What is the modern civil aviation technology by means of avoiding the plane crash? The occasional crash is because of what?

Multiple layers of protection to ensure that the aircraft does not collide

Reporters from the technical statistics of the civil aviation sector was informed that the modern civil aviation communication, radar technology for the normal operation of the aircraft to provide a complete security system, to eliminate safety hazards in the process of landing and cruise aircraft.

One of the most important technical guarantee is that the aircraft collision avoidance system (TCAS). TCAS is mainly composed of interrogator, transponder, transceiver and computer, monitoring range is generally in front of 30 nautical miles (about 55.6 km), and 3000 metres below.

When working, the interrogator TCAS pulse signal, when the other aircraft transponder receives the interrogation signal, will launch a response signal. TCAS computer to calculate the distance according to the transmitting signal and response signal of the time interval, and determine the range according to the direction of the antenna, to provide information and warnings for the driver, the information displayed on the navigation information on the display driver.

The modern civil aviation TCAS system can provide suggestions for language warning, the computer get the monitoring region trends about 30 aircraft and possibly dangerous approaching, the driver has 25 seconds - 40 seconds to take measures.

In addition, communication equipment, composed of a series of laws and regulations, system security system, to ensure the safety of flight aircraft in busy airspace.

"For example, height divided protection, the provisions of China in the true course angle of 0 degrees to 179 degrees range from 900 meters to 12500 meters, every 600 meters to a height; height of 12500 meters, every 1200 meters for a level. Again, the pilot found professional eye anti-collision lights, air traffic control administrator." Dr. He Jiandong of Inner Mongolia University of Technology said the Aviation College teachers.

The accident still occur, more than man-made disaster

Dr. He Jiandong has many years of experience of foreign airlines stressed: "all over the world have told us the plane crash, a complete security system cannot absolutely avoid the accident, the safety of human factors are far greater than the equipment fault hidden trouble."

Abroad a survey report was within 20 years of global 61 plane crash of statistical description, results show that the proportion of accidents caused by negligence majority.

In early 2001, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) a survey report pointed out that the collision occurred route stage crash accounted for the highest proportion, and because the take-off and landing pilots and ground control personnel carefully compared personnel route stage spirit is relatively relaxed, and the longest route stage, pilots and ground personnel the most easily effect, therefore, the operation of negligence is the main cause of the crash of the route.

A report entitled "analysis" crash prevention countermeasure aircraft report pointed out: as the number of civil aviation aircraft soared, aircraft flight level shrinking, collision prevention work difficulty and pressure is also increasing. In addition to technical support and complete, more needs to strengthen the safety awareness of pilots and commanders, improve the flight plan and emergency disposal plan in airspace.

"The safety of aircraft is the lifeblood of the aviation industry, pilots and commanders to avoid human error is an important premise to prevent accidents. In addition, the increasing of UAV and small number of private aircraft, also put forward new requirements for aviation safety management, which is the priority among priorities of China's airspace safety work." He Jiandong said. (Zhang Jingyang)

(commissioning editor Liu Jingting and Xiong Xu)

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