The formation of the explosion of a star appeared in the two generation


11 2018 09 08:34 on the source of years: Science Daily
Original title: the formation of a second generation of stars appeared after the big bang.

According to the American Science Daily website reported recently, American astronomers have found one of the oldest stars in the universe, the material almost entirely by the big bang spray composition. The new discovery opens up the possibility of observing more ancient stars.

This star is called "2MASS J18082002 5104378 B", about 13 billion 500 million years old. It is unusual, because other stars with low metal content is different, it is a part of the Milky Way "thin plate", the sun in the Milky Way "thin plate". The results of the study published in the latest issue of the Astrophysical Journal "".

The main author, Johns Hopkins University assistant professor of physics and astronomy Kevin Schrauffmann said: "this star may be tens of millions of stars in a heart, it can tell us important information about the first generation of stars. Scientists or permission in its haunt, find more very low quality and low metal content of stars, the universe may even find that the first generation of stars."

After the big bang of the first generation of stars consists entirely of hydrogen and helium and a small amount of lithium elements, those stars then produce elements heavier than helium in the nucleus, and in them as a supernova explosion when these elements will be scattered all over the universe. The next generation of stars by combining together with these metal material composition of the cloud. With the star to the birth and death of stars in the universe, the content of metal (metal) also increased.

This star is part of a double star system. Earlier, a group of astronomers found the main stars brighter now, the team found that this tiny "subprime" star. The research team through the high resolution spectrum of the light to measure the main components, including carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, iron and other elements.

The new discovery of extremely low metal stars in the universe shows that the family tree in front of it may be only a generation of stars. In fact, it is a new record minimum heavy elements in the star holder, the content of mercury and heavy elements are roughly the same. In contrast, the sun is thousands of stars, the heavy element content is equivalent to 14 of jupiter.

Astronomers have so far been found out about 30 a quality with the sun quite ancient "ultra metal poor stars", but the new found star quality is only the mass of the sun 14%.

Skei Lofman said: "if we are right, then, only have the big bang material stars are only low mass stars, even if we have not yet found in the Milky Way Department of this object, it can still exist." (Liu Xia)

(commissioning editor Liu Jingting and Xiong Xu)

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