Eat organic food can prevent cancer? Expert: pompous

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11 month 2018 years 09 days from 08:35: Science Daily
Original title: eating organic food can prevent cancer? Expert: pompous

Researchers in France the "American Medicine published a report on the display volume" magazine, medicine, long-term consumption of organic food can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

This is credible? In November 7th, science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed a number of industry experts, experts believe that: only the study does not come to eat organic food can prevent cancer or cancer or conclusion.

The analysis of the British national health service system that the deficiency of research." The letter of director of food and nutrition information exchange center of Ministry of science and technology Ruan Guangfeng told technology daily reporter.

Dr. Wang Chenguang served as associate professor and Professor Thomas Jefferson of the University of Beijing Union Medical College, said that organic food does not reduce the risk of cancer, in this study, the main problem is to ignore the deviation existing in the research.

In this study, eat organic food, most of the group and eat organic food at least one group, have cancer, and the number of cancer is not large, were 269 and 360.

"In this study, some specific aspects of cancer research comparison, sample data is too small, convincing discount. For example, non Hodgkin lymphoma, eat organic food at least one group of 15 cases, and eat the most organic food in the group only 2 cases." Ruan Guangfeng said.

In addition, the study on organic food consumption data are disposable, obtained by self fill in the way. "Each person's memory is limited, many people even can not remember the day before yesterday, what to eat, how much to eat, so organic food consumption data provided by volunteers and can not accurately reflect their diet." Ruan Guangfeng said.

Wang Chenguang said, the survey questions self-reported answer would indeed lead to errors, for example, by eating organic food of people proud of have the awareness of the health benefits of organic food is exaggerated, and selective neglect other problems.

"Our daily intake of thousands of chemicals, for different people, these substances have a combination of millions of intake. This kind of research on the relationship between the combination of analysis and health or disease of the seemingly simple, but very complex. When an analysis of isolated factors, almost can get any kind of nutrition and health related conclusions. Therefore, the study of eating organic food groups the incidence of cancer or low mortality observation results, and not derived organic food can reduce the incidence of cancer conclusion." Wang Chenguang said.

More noteworthy is that Ruan Guangfeng said that the recruitment of volunteers in the study is through the network to recruit, recruit volunteers representative network is poor, often online, willing to participate in such activities, are generally better economic conditions, higher level of education of the people, their daily diet may be better than ordinary people health effects, it is difficult to exclude other life factors.

Wang Chenguang also believes that even if the study excluded some interference factors, but it is impossible to eliminate all interference factors. For example, buy organic food, is more likely to be relatively wealthy and leisure, can enjoy better health care, can spend more time in leisure fitness, etc..

Experts also believe that the king's College London, said that eating organic food can prevent cancer, exaggerated conclusions.

In 2014, British research has a larger sample size, the conclusion of the study is the organic food does not reduce the incidence of cancer. In this study, the researchers conducted a survey of about 600 thousand women over 50 years old age diet, and in the investigation after 9 years, they had 16 kinds of common female cancer were tracking. The comparison results show that often eat organic food or not, regardless of their cancer risk level. ( Ma Aiping)

(commissioning editor Liu Jingting and Xiong Xu)

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