The secret hidden in the finger length

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Original title: the secret hidden in the finger length

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For a long time, scientists have to study the ratio of male and female finger length is very interested, especially the index finger and ring finger length ratio (hereinafter referred to as the finger length ratio), the researchers found that in men, the ring finger (fourth fingers) are usually better than index finger (second fingers) long, they the finger length ratio is often less than 1. In women, the two fingers length is not much difference between most. After a series of research, the scientists found that the ratio of fetal development in the uterus, contact the relative content of androgen and estrogen.

Recently, a study published in the journal Archives of sexual behavior "" the article said that the left finger length ratio is smaller than the ring finger, forefinger short women are more likely to be gay. Then, the length ratio refers to really will reveal some surprising information?

Finger length decisive orientation?

In the research of sexual orientation and length ratio, the researchers recruited 18 female twins and 14 male twins, they have a common characteristic, are identical twins, and each of the twins, and the other as a homosexual, heterosexual people. The researchers were measured and analyzed on their finger length, found that for female twins, gay left hand finger length ratio compared to its sister to be small, but the results are not significant right. For male twins, left and right hand finger length ratio and found no significant differences.

This is similar to previous research conclusion has a certain difference, 2003 and 2012 respectively, related research results published research articles in 2003 said in 7 pairs of female twins, found that gay finger length ratio is relatively small; the study in 2012 found that 8 of female monozygotic twins, gay left finger length ratio is small, while the right hand is not found, in 4 pairs of male twins, also found that gay left a larger ratio of long, feminine characteristics.

The results of 3 experiments showed that in monozygotic twins, associated with sexual orientation and finger length ratio, but why there will be differences in different Gender inside, why the left hand and the right hand will have different results, the researchers are not sure why.

The boy with long ring fingers are better in math?

A study published in the British Journal of psychology "research" pointed out that, relative to the index finger for the longer the ring finger, the boy's performance in mathematics is more excellent in girls, shorter ring finger pointing to better language skills. The researchers say this is because prenatal testosterone levels affect not only refers to the length ratio but also affects brain development.

Professor of University of Bath, the British author Mark Brosnan believes that the measurement of finger length can be used not only to measure the relative amount of male and female hormones in the womb, but also can be used to predict cognitive ability, but he also admitted that "we do not recommend replacing the subject test for the measurement of the length of the finger".

The index finger is shorter more successful?

"Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" has published an article, put forward to length ratio and high frequency traders and financial performance. London 49 male traders participated in the study, these traders focus on the sale of stock and futures trading market, sometimes hundreds of millions of pounds. But they will not hold long-term securities, most of the time only a few minutes or even seconds. These traders success does not lie in their assessment of the value of securities, which is highly focused long time, respond before other traders arbitrage, they need to take risks, have great confidence to make their own decisions, and the ability to process information quickly.

Researchers believe that these characteristics may be affected by exposure to the male hormone level traders before birth, and the most convenient to test the influence of male hormones during pregnancy refers to length ratio. Their prediction is that refers to the length ratio small traders will get better performance and income. They are on the right index finger and ring finger traders were measured, and the transfer of the performance data of them for 20 months, found that finger length ratio of small traders do better numerical performance.

Finger length can predict the behavior of the character?

A person's personality, behavior and finger length ratio Association, will undoubtedly have a lot of questions. New York University biologist Claude Desplan said in an interview: "as the representative of the male hormone testosterone to may affect the rate of finger length, but our brains not only won the male hormone during pregnancy." Some people think that the research of finger to find clues about personality, sexual orientation is just a gimmick. Department of genetics at Harvard Medical School and director Clifford Tabin said: "in my opinion, finger length ratio is not the most direct and accurate understanding of the way people. Although you can guess its meaning, but there is no conclusive evidence of its effect." At the same time, Tabin also believes that the current study only found statistically significant results, and not to predict an individual.

The researchers also have "fingers" on defense. "This is a new tool, there are many disputes in the field of research, many scientists think it useful, but some are still skeptical." The University of Texas Health Science Center researcher Nora Charles said, "but there is no dispute of the nature of science?" (Li Xiaohui)

(commissioning editor Liu Jingting and Xiong Xu)

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