A rare sight to astronauts on earth in space

In November 2018 09, 08:40 source: Science Daily
Original title: a rare sight to astronauts on earth in space

Tim Pick is one of the astronauts of the European Space Agency, the international space station in the implementation of the 186 day mission. Recently, Tim released a set of photos of the beautiful space from the perspective of the earth. Photo taken from the smoldering volcano to the dazzling aurora beauty, most people are unable to see the scene of whole life. Even in the international space station Tim also said he was "crazy fans". The image is as a "National Geographic" magazine 130 Anniversary Edition released. Tim said, in the space station experience let him know that "we must pay attention to and protect our living environment, protect our planet".

(commissioning editor Liu Jingting and Xiong Xu)

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