A new type catalyst nanometer line is expected to make a substantial price reduction of fuel cell

In December 2018 06, 08:52 source: Science Daily

The reporter learned from the University of Science & Technology China, the University of Hefei micro scale material science research center Professor Zeng Jie national research group and Hunan University professor Huang Hongwen cooperation, developed a has excellent catalytic activity and stability of proton exchange membrane fuel cell cathode catalyst. Published in the "Journal of the American Chemical Society" the achievements of the day before.

Has the advantages of zero emission, proton exchange membrane fuel cell with high energy efficiency, adjustable power, power supply is the ideal electric vehicle in the future. The dynamics of oxygen but at the cathode of proton exchange membrane fuel cell reaction is very slow, the need for efficient operation as electrode catalyst to maintain the battery using a lot of precious metal platinum nano catalyst, which makes the cost of proton exchange membrane fuel cell is very high, limit its large-scale commercial applications.

The platinum based catalyst, improve the platinum based catalyst in oxygen reduction reaction and catalytic activity of quality stability, is a way to reduce the amount of precious metal platinum. But the stability of most of the catalyst is not enough.

In the face of this problem, the researchers through the regulation of platinum based catalyst dimensions, size, composition, development of Ultrafine Nickel platinum rhodium three Yuan metal nanowire catalyst. Because the diameter of the nanowires is only one nanometer, its surface platinum atoms occupy whole platinum atom ratio is higher than 50%, showing high atom utilization, provides a structural basis for the catalytic activity of high quality.

Oxygen reduction catalytic tests showed that ultrafine platinum nickel rhodium ternary metal nanowire catalyst supported on activated carbon quality is 15.2 times the current commercial platinum carbon nano catalyst. At the same time, the catalyst was recycled 10000 times in oxygen atmosphere, the quality of activity performance loss of only 12.8%, while the current commercial carbon supported platinum nano catalyst in oxygen atmosphere after 10000 recycles, the quality of activity performance loss reached 73.7%. The new catalyst has significant improvement in the quality and stability of catalytic activity, showing great potential. (Wu Changfeng)

(commissioning editor: Song Xiaoxuan (Intern), Xiong Xu)

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