Ten minutes to identify cancer cells and healthy cells difference between DNA

The advent of new technology to detect cancer cells

In December 2018 06, 08:54 source: Science Daily

Medical research report published according to the "natural" British Journal of communication of 5 days, the advent of a can be completed within 10 minutes of the cancer cell detection technology. The detection by identifying cancer cells and healthy cells DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) difference, rapid completion of the preliminary diagnosis.

The methyl group attached to the DNA process known as methylation, this process by genetic manipulation. DNA methylation is a form of chemical modification of DNA can, without altering the DNA sequence change, genetic expression. In all human cells mature ", DNA has these modifications.

While cancer cells and healthy cells genomic information has a significant difference. Cancer cell is a variation of the cell, is a cancer source, it is the biggest and normal cells is different features can be transformed and easy transfer of unlimited proliferation, the. Genomic differences also resulted in most types of cancer cells, there are differences in methylation level and pattern.

This time, Matt Telaw and his colleagues at University of Queensland in Australia, the researchers found that different methylation status in cancer cells, will affect the physical and chemical properties of DNA. Among these characteristics, the researchers found that between DNA and gold nanoparticles is very close, they used the characteristic of developing a cancer detection method.

The new method is only a very small amount of purified genomic DNA from the patient, will be able to complete the inspection within 10 minutes, and the test results will be able to identify the naked eye alone. The research team has represented in different types of cancer 100 multiple human samples: 72 cancer patients and healthy individuals, 31 genomic DNA was tested in this method.

The researchers said that in the current stage, this method can only detect the presence of cancer cells, yet unable to identify the type of disease or progression. With more samples in the future, and the analysis and research are carried out in more detail in the possible situation.

10 minutes with the naked eye can distinguish the cancer detection results, is not meant that the future of cancer detection with blood tests as simple? Detection means more convenient, direct detection results more clear, more able to win valuable time for the treatment of patients with the next stage. After all, cancer fiercer than tigers, each essential if have a fight, take a second, may be able to save precious lives in dangerous environment. Technology is changing life, thus remarkable! (Zhang Mengran)

(commissioning editor: Song Xiaoxuan (Intern), Xiong Xu)

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