Royal jelly protein can maintain the pluripotency of stem cells

2018 years 12 months 06 days from 08:55: Science Daily

According to a study published in the British journal Nature communications "" 5 of the team, U.S. scientists found that royal jelly protein group, named Royalactin protein can maintain mouse embryonic stem cell pluripotency. The study also pointed out that the structural analogues found in mammals, the pluripotency of stem cells has a similar role, reveals the intrinsic mechanism of stem cells.

Royal jelly is the "queen bee maker", known to affect mammalian life, fertility and regeneration ability. Royal jelly is the main protein 1 (MRJP1, also known as Royalactin) is a functional component of royal jelly, has a moderating effect on other species, or can activate the conserved pathway. However, these conserved cell signaling pathway has not been elucidated.

This time, researchers at the Stanford University School of medicine Kevin Wang (transliteration) and colleagues found that Royalactin protein can maintain embryonic stem cells in the absence of other factors, the activation of mouse embryos cultured in vitro stem cell pluripotency gene network, and maintain these cells. Join the Royalactin protein cultured cells were injected into mouse blastocysts, the embryo can still produce viable mice, these cells can also be integrated into mouse germ cells.

The team also found that the mammalian analogue Royalactin protein, they called Regina, has the function of similar ability in vitro maintain mouse embryonic stem cell characteristics. This shows that from the bees to mammals, there is a conservative evolution pathway may be different for each species in the process of regulation. (Zhang Mengran)

(commissioning editor: Song Xiaoxuan (Intern), Xiong Xu)

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