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Recently, the body is yellow, nervous Mr. Wang was admitted to the hospital his wife. The deputy director of Gastroenterology physician Yang Jiayao inquiry determined he had carotenemia, but Mr. Wang had become the "culprit small yellow people, actually originated from the couple every day to drink fresh juice.

We have fresh fruit and vegetable juice should be conducive to health, how can cause illness; and carotenemia is what? In this connection, science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed the national senior health nutritionist in Henan Province, the two Affiliated Hospital of traditional Chinese medical diet guidance expert Zhu Chunlan.

What will cause carotenemia

The last century, carotenemia popular. Because of lack of food, people eat only plant-based. At that time the report described it as "after a large number of eating carrots and papaya yellow or orange vegetables or fruit occurred carotenemia". 1970, this symptom also appeared in Japan who eat a lot of oranges and orange juice in children. In West Africa, which is endemic, mainly because the local consumption of carotenoid rich palm oil.

Modern medicine for carotenemia explanation is that it also called hypercarotenemia, peel is a kind of disease, because blood carotene content caused by excessive yellowing of the skin. Yellowing of the skin in the main palm foot is heavy, but no sclera yellow dye is the most important feature.

According to experts, the skin cutin layer containing a large amount of carotenoids on lipid affinity, so these pigments will be concentrated in the stratum corneum. So the yellow dye found in thick cuticle palmoplantar and sebaceous gland rich parts, such as the face, nose, mouth, nasolabial fold, eyelid. When these parts of yellowing of the skin, the area will be sweating, the skin becomes thicker. In addition to serious sclera and extramucosal skin is orange yellow. Some patients with nausea, vomiting, fatigue and loss of appetite. If there is no clinical experience of physicians, these symptoms will be easily misdiagnosed as hepatitis or jaundice.

Metabolism and conversion mechanism varies from person to person

The doctor at the time of diagnosis, found that Mr. Wang's fingers and the palm yellow most powerful, "asked recently is not to eat a lot of carrots?" Mr. Wang remembered his wife recently hooked on health, every day for a month every morning, orange juice and carrot juice and gave him a drink.

This symptom is due to excessive consumption of carotenoid rich foods, such as carrots, oranges, papaya, lead to high carotene content in the blood caused by skin stained yellow. As long as immediately stop drinking juice, will be better soon. After that, Mr. Wang has checked all normal liver function.

There are three main causes: carotenemia ingestion of excessive carotene is the most common cause; hyperlipemia patients have excessive carotene dissolved in the blood; existing carotene metabolic disorders can lead to excessive accumulation of carotenoids in the blood.

After diagnosis, the metabolic ability of each person's body is different, the conversion of carotene into vitamin A mechanism will belong to Mr. Wang It differs from man to man., carotene conversion ability. Experts suggest that people don't need to worry about their own eating these foods will be yellow. Only when suffering from hyperlipidemia, hypothyroidism, diabetes, liver disease or congenital defects into vitamin A, which would happen.

So, how to cure as soon as possible in the short term? Zhu Chunlan suggested that the hand from raising the spleen and stomach, improve digestion; on the other hand enhance liver function. Because the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach, small intestine, nutrition is transformed by the liver. The diet can drink yam porridge, black rice, peanuts, almonds, raisins and other therapeutic methods. During the intake of low-fat foods can also be appropriate to promote the treatment of people suffering from the disease, the general temperature is relatively low, recommend taking steamed sweet potato, potato, yam, mention "Qi" help to improve health.

A balanced diet is carried too far

"From a nutritional perspective, carrots contain carotene, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and other nutrients, the health effects of carotene is mainly reflected in the strong antioxidant capacity, can enhance the resistance against chemical carcinogens and prevention of cataract, which itself is not toxic, but avoid excessive consumption. In addition, there are oranges, orange, pumpkin, tomato red and yellow green foods rich in carotene." Zhu Chunlan pointed out that.

In fact, whether it is reasonable collocation or homely food balanced diet of fruit and vegetable juice, according to China saying "no good and evil, too for the disaster", "too far, are the source". Life in how we quantify the boundaries, that is to say how healthy drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice, to avoid the disease risk?

Zhu Chunlan said: "the human body metabolism not herd health It differs from man to man.. Everything in moderation, and should pay more attention to the diversification of food intake, which is the main way to prevent malnutrition. Also, ensure the healthy diet to fully understand the different nutrient uptake and collocation, and understanding of their own physical, it is best to choose their own way of health in under the guidance of a doctor or a dietitian."

Specifically, first of all in the fruit and vegetable juice collocation efforts, such as a fresh carrot half orange collocation need only add, carotene, sweet juicy oranges can also make juice taste improvement. Secondly, in order to balance the diet collocation, the juice is rich in carotene and high carbohydrate foods, such as rice, avocado, konjak, cereal, yogurt and other fish, mix.

In short, economic prosperity for people to meet the basic feed and clothe, began the pursuit of healthy quality of life. However, we should not only understand the food itself, to achieve a balanced diet, reasonable collocation, to understand their own, choose their own "health guide". (Hua Ling)

(commissioning editor: Song Xiaoxuan (Intern), Xiong Xu)

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