Space breeding achievements and create economic benefits about 200000000000 yuan

In December 2018 06, 09:00 source: Science Daily

"China space breeding industry has made a large number of results for 30 years, in the development, key technology and innovation important germplasm, breeding and industrialization has made remarkable achievements." Recently, Chinese Rural Technology Development Center Director Jia Jingdun in the aerospace breeding industry innovation alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Union) said that the first time Congress and space breeding forum alliance, gather a large number of universities, research institutes and related enterprises of space breeding, space breeding will promote research and innovation, and support the development of breeding industry, make more a large contribution to the integration of agricultural modernization, aerospace industry and agricultural development of better.

The newly elected as the research China high-tech industry alliance first Secretary General of the Council's executive director Zhao Hui introduced, in August 5, 1987 China launched ninth satellites to scientific experiment satellite, scientists selected crop seeds and other biological materials, for the first time in satellite development space mutation experiment, opened the cause of space breeding in china. Over the past thirty years, in support of the state, through the relevant scientific research institutes, enterprises and other institutions of unremitting efforts, the cause of space breeding has achieved important results and achievements, is also facing further development opportunities and challenges.

It is understood that China's spaceflight material directional screening, plant space environment, cultivation techniques of space mutagenesis high-throughput molecular identification of a number of key technology research has made important progress. Plants of different receptor materials of Space Mutation Progeny Selection Breeding Technology, using space with the mutagenic material for molecular marker assisted selection, resistance screening, quality identification and breeding technology used in breeding practice. Study on mutagenic effects of space from different perspectives on a variety of science and environment of rice wheat grass and horticultural crops, preliminary exploration to establish ground simulation of space environment mutation breeding method.

Space breeding technology and new varieties have been widely applied in agriculture and other related industries. New varieties through national and provincial approval of the space breeding more than 200; the space breeding cultivation of wheat, rice, corn, soybean, cotton and tomato, pepper and other horticultural crops new varieties, total planting area of more than 2 million 400 thousand hectares, grain yield of about 1 billion 300 million kg; application of space breeding technology and its results are of a certain size in alfalfa grass, trees, flowers and bio medicine and other fields.

Union official said, has played a positive role in space breeding on crop breeding technology progress of China and the development of related industries, to create a direct economic benefits about 200000000000 yuan. (Fu Lili)

(commissioning editor: Luo Tianlin (Intern), Xiong Xu)

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